An Inside Look into a MLM Trial - A 16 Part Miniseries of Live Trial Video
Direct Examination of Michael Sheffield by Lead Travelmax Trial Counsel, Jeffrey Babener
An Inside Look at a MLM Trial - Mike Sheffield in Travelmax Trial - 1997 - Part One   

As a leading expert on MLM/Direct Selling/Network Marketing, Mr. Sheffield provided an overview of the industry, a
detailed discussion of compensation plans offered by leading direct selling companies, the importance of quality
products to a direct selling offering, an explanation as to appropriate consumer safeguards expected to be part of
legitimate direct selling companies and a discussion of elements of pyramid schemes that should be avoided by
direct selling companies. He testified that, after a thorough review of the Travelmax product and marketing
program, he was of the opinion that the program was a legitimate direct selling marketing program and fit into the
mainstream of leading companies in the direct selling field.

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