An Inside Look into a MLM Trial - A 16 Part Miniseries of Live Trial Video
Cross Examination of Dr. William Keep by Lead Travelmax Trial Counsel, Jeffrey Babener
An Inside Look at a MLM Trial - Dr. William Keep - TravelMax Trial 1997 - Part Seven

Although Dr. Keep was called by the State of Kentucky as an expert witness to support the State’s case on
pyramiding, the cross-examination, which focused on the credentials of Dr. Keep, revealed that Dr. Keep’s special
area of focus was in the area of “retailing” and that his background and study in MLM/Direct Selling/Network
Marketing was limited. The cross examination and voir dire (examination as to credentials as an expert) covers a
wide range of legal and business issues in the direct selling field. In the end, Dr. Keep did not claim to be qualified
to testify either as to the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the Travelmax marketing program. The cross-examination
appears in the following segments: Part Seven.

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