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Information About the Original MLM Startup Conference - Starting and Running the
Successful MLM Company Conference in Las Vegas

The Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference is just around the corner! For over 30
years we have hosted over 73 national conferences to educate startup and existing MLM company executives. All
executives/owners of MLM, direct selling, network marking, and party plan companies are welcome to attend. This is
original MLM Startup Conference, hosted and perfected by direct selling industry expert, MLM Attorney Jeff

The MLM Startup Conference is held three times per year in February, May and October. For current dates, click


Direct Selling Attorney, Jeff Babener, Founder of Babener & Associates and Sponsor of the MLM Startup
Conference, has over 30 years of experience in the industry, representing companies such as Avon, Nikken,
Melaleuca, Discovery Toys, Usana, and NuSkin.

MLM Industry Consultant, Mike Sheffield, with The Sheffield Group and Co-Sponsor of the MLM Startup Conference,
has helped launch over 800 companies over the last 27 years.

Over the course of the conference, you will hear from many leaders in the direct selling industry, who include:

Jeffrey A. Babener, of Portland, Oregon, Conference Chair and Sponsor,, is the principal
attorney in the law firm of Babener & Associates. He represents leading U.S. and foreign companies in the direct
selling industry. He has been a key advisor to such companies as Avon, Herbalife, Discovery Toys, Nikken, Shaklee
NuSkin, Excel, Usana, Fuller Brush, Cell Tech, Enagic, Sunrider, Melaleuca, Nerium International, etc. He is a
frequent lecturer and has been interviewed on the industry, and published, in such publications as
Money, Inc.,
Atlantic Monthly, Success, Entrepreneur, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Home Office Computing, Business
, Direct Selling News Magazine, and Money Maker's Monthly. He is editor of the industry publication,
Direct Sales Legaline. Mr. Babener is also the author of the books;
Tax Guide for MLM/Direct Selling
, Network Marketer's Guide to Success, The MLM Corporate Handbook, Network Marketing:
Window of Opportunity
, and Network Marketing: What You Should Know (used as the college curriculum
textbook at Utah Valley State course on network marketing). He is editor of one of most frequented network
marketing educational web sites, He has served as Chair of more than 71 national conferences
on starting and running the direct selling company. He serves on the Lawyers Council and Government Relations
Committees of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and he has served as General Counsel and on the board of the
MLMIA (Multilevel Marketing International Association). He has lectured at major industry trade meetings and at such
educational institutions as the Univ. of Illinois, University of Texas, University of Houston, etc.  He is a graduate of the
University of Southern California Law School where he served as an editor of the USC Law Review, followed by the
appointment as a law clerk to Hon. David Williams, U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

A number of Babener & Associates client companies have been success stories over the last several decades,
including several billion dollar and NYSE companies such as Avon, Herbalife, NuSkin, Usana. Other successful
companies, to which the law firm has provided varying level of advisory, have included Melaleuca, Nikken, Enagic,
Discovery Toys, Amazon Herbs, TriVita, Nerium International, Shaklee, PrePaid Legal, Tupperware, Primerica,
Arbonne, Longaberger, Excel Communications, ACN, etc.

Mr. Babener has served as lead trial counsel for multiple cases on direct selling throughout the U.S. Further
background material on direct selling will be found at the website,, where he is editor.

Michael L. Sheffield is Chairman and CEO of The Sheffield Group Inc., a full service direct sales consulting firm
and Chairman Emeritus of the Multi Level Marketing International Association. The Sheffield Group (www.sheffieldnet.
com) specializes in startup operations, compensation plan development, distributor recruiting systems, and sales
tools. The firm also consults on new product concept development including positioning, pricing strategies,
marketing, and product sales strategies. The Sheffield Group has assisted in over 800 direct selling company start-
ups, including 23 of the top 100 MLM/Party Plan companies in the world. In addition, Mike has assisted in numerous
special projects for many of the industry’s most prestigious direct selling, MLM and party plan companies. He has
been a frequent lecturer on launch strategies for MLM companies at various industry conferences as well as the
Schools of Business at Arizona State University, UC Berkley, University of Cincinnati, California Lutheran University,
Anderson University and others. He was selected to make a special presentation on behalf of MLM at the Harvard
Business School Association symposium. Mike is nationally respected as a leading compensation plan design expert
and on the special staff teaching the subject at the University of Illinois at the Chicago Network Marketing Seminar.
He has co-authored numerous academic papers on MLM presented at various academic conferences. He has
served as sponsor and chief coordinator of various academic/corporate MLM conferences at the University of Texas,
El Paso (UTEP). His contributions to these academic conferences earned him the honor of being the subject of a
feature article in Success Magazine. Mike has been the MLM Expert for Entrepreneur Magazine and a contributor to
the Entrepreneur Magazine training manual teaching how to start a successful MLM company. He can be contacted


The information you will gain and relationships that you will build by attending the conference are invaluable. You’ll
receive information on how to:

    - Structure your compensation plan
    - Legalize your company
    - Recruit key employees and top-ranking distributors
    - Develop a business model
    - Generate leads
    - Fund your business organization
    - Establish your website and technology platforms
    - Better understand the direct selling industry
    - And, so much more

Read why network marketing executives have consistently attended the MLM Startup Conference for
over twenty years:

- [I] Launched [the company] Federal Chamber of Commerce in 2002, after attending your Conference. Contracted
with Mr. Alfred White to consult on our Compensation Plan. Recruited 10,000 Reps and $5,000,000 volume in 9
months. Cashed out stock in 2003. Back again in 2013 with new partners and a new concept…
- We want to get the fundamentals and the basics down… get a good review of what needs to be done to be

- Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn and the privilege to meet such talented, generous people. We
definitely came away with practical ideas to implement and bigger dreams for the future. We look forward to staying
in touch with [Jeff Babener] as our needs for your expertise grow.

- We have a traditional business at the moment and we are looking to take it into the realm where it’s more
personalized, it’s more about building people and an experience. It has been absolutely worth our trip. We are
looking to take our business to the next level and build relationships.

- [I’ve] been in network marking for 30 years [but] we are learning a lot of things about how to launch, how to reach
the people we need to have, and again, the things that are required to make a successful company, not only for us
but especially for our customers and for our affiliates.

- I want to teach other people how to run their own clothing business and have fun doing it. I have a distribution plan.
I have a unique product that I need to take nationwide in a couple of months.

- I’m here because I want to know more about multi-level and I can replicate that experience in my country (Columbia)
… It’s worth it to be here.

- The reason I came to the show was to learn more about how to launch my direct sales company. I’m very
comfortable and accustomed to selling through more traditional networks; however, I believe that the product that I’m
launching is more suitable for direct sales; to get direct-to-consumer faster and in greater sales.

- I have a huge to-do list… Once I know what I’m supposed to be working on I won’t spin my wheels.
(Additional testimonials can be seen in the following video: MLMlegal Releases New Film on MLM Startup
Conference – Produced by


The MLM Startup Conference will be held in Las Vegas. Call 1-800-231-2162 for the exact location. Why don’t we
advertise the exact location? Since our conference is educational, we don’t allow vendors, distributors and other
solicitors to attend the event. This enables us to maintain the conference’s high standards. Therefore, only
registered guests are given the address after they’ve registered. However, if for some reason you cannot attend
after registering, we will refund 100 percent of your attendance cost.


February, May and October – Las Vegas, Nevada. Click HERE for current dates.


The price to attend is $195 for the first person and each additional attendee is $150. We accept all major credit
cards. Reservations must be made via phone, prior to the event. 503-226-6600 or 800-231-2162.


Each attendee will receive a FREE copy of the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Manual. Some
of the chapters include:

    Legal Issues
    MLM Law in 50 States
    FDA Health Claims: The Final Rules
    The Snail that got Mugged: FTC v. Direct Selling
    Start-up  Issues
    Incorporating the Network Marketer
    Five Dynamics that Drive An MLM Company
    Creating Your Next Million Dollar Product
    Treasure Hunting for New Products
    Compensation Plans
    Comp. Plan Conversion: Direct Sales to MLM
    Your Compensation Plan’s Competitive Edge
    Communications and Media
    Focus on the Mission…Not the Commission!
    When the Media Calls… Who Answers the Phone?

Attendees receive over 30 consulting hours with an array of industry experts – all in one location.


Visit our main website:

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Watch the videos:
MLMlegal Releases New Film on MLM Startup Conference – Produced by

The MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas

MLM Startup Conference - A Must for Executives of Startup and Existing MLM Companies

Since You Are a MLM Attorney, Why Would You Host the MLM Startup Conference for the Executives of Startup and
Existing Companies?


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Startup Conference in Las Vegas!**

For over 30 years and Babener & Associates has hosted the most prestigious MLM conference for
executives of startup and existing direct selling companies. In celebration of our 73rd conference, we are offering two
complimentary tickets* – worth $345.00! – to attend the esteemed event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In our ongoing effort to offer the absolute best network marketing conference available, we invite you to participate in
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We invite the input, ideas and innovation from the very MLM company owners who are in the startup and launch
phases of their companies. We strive to offer the best conference in the United States. always covers
current issues and events at all of our conferences, but this time it is different! We want your input in the

Are you an owner or executive of a startup or existing direct selling company? Do you want to attend the 73rd
and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference
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and attendee information within three business days, otherwise your opportunity to attend the event for free will be
canceled (you'll have to pay the full conference price: $195/$150). You are welcome to call Charity Dunning, the
Administrative Services Manager, to finalize your reservation immediately: 800-231-2162 or 503-226-6600.  If you are having
problems submitting this form, please email the form questions and your contact information to Thank you.