The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) has released its 2012 global direct sales statistics. In its document titled “Global Sales by Product Category – 2012” the WFDSA outlined the global sales of specific direct sales product categories.

In summary, out of 100% of global sales by product category, cosmetics and personal care products revealed the highest global percentage with 35% of global sales. Wellness products came in second place with 25% of global sales. Household goods and durables came in third, representing 14% of the global marketplace. Clothing and accessories came in fourth with a nine percent share of global sales. “Other” products represent four percent of global sales, while home care, as well as books, toys, stationary, etc. both held three percent of global sales. Home improvement products, utilities, and financial services all tied holding a two percent share in global sales. Lastly, foodstuff and beverages only held one percent of total global sales.

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