MLM Startup Conference

The next MLM Startup Conference takes place October 22 and 23, 2015 in Las Vegas.

With the costs of the compensation plan, attorney’s fees, software, hiring staff, recruiting consultants, creating/designing products, the list goes on… starting a direct selling company can be expensive and difficult! We understand how complex it is to tackle a MLM startup. That’s why we offer the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference.

We offer MLM entrepreneurs a way to network with experts from all sectors of the direct selling industry: legal, recruiting, technology/software, compensation plans, funding, generate leads, website and back office, business model, and more – all in one place, for one affordable price ($195 for the first attendee, each additional is $150).

So, if you’re starting a MLM, network marketing, direct selling company, or just thinking about starting a MLM company, come join us at the MLM Startup Event/Seminar in Las Vegas! The Hosts are Business Consultant and MLM Legal Expert, Jeff Babener, and MLM Compensation Plan Consultant, Mike Sheffield.

Our next conference takes place October 22 & 23, 2015 in Las Vegas (who doesn’t want a good reason to go to Las Vegas?). We even offer the Innovation Campaign for those who are on an even tighter budget.

Visit our website,, or our conference page to learn more and to see the full line-up of speakers. Read testimonials and watch our invitation videos. Anyone who is starting or running a MLM, network marketing, direct selling, party plan company is welcome to attend.

Call us at 800-231-2162 to register.

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We have hosted more than 70 national conferences on starting and running a direct selling, network marketing, MLM or party plan company. We have started and advised many of the leading companies in the industry and we have a “big picture” that may be difficult to find elsewhere. We are big believers in education and our website,, is hopefully evidence of this, with hundreds of articles, cases, statutes, and scores of videos. We take a particular satisfaction in helping entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and the consequence is often the creation of thousands of jobs and opportunities. And at our conferences, we have started many companies that are today, household names. It has been a pleasure and honor to assemble professionals in these conferences to assist individuals to create “something from nothing.”

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Are you interested in expanding your network marketing business? Are you curious as to know what the best MLM companies are doing to achieve success? Do you want to make sure that you have the right product and marketing practices?

The fastest growing network marketing companies all share the same characteristics. The following are four key factors that determine growth of network marketing companies, by

The fastest growing network marketing companies all share the same characteristics. The following are four key factors that determine growth of network marketing companies

The fastest growing network marketing companies all share the same characteristics. The following are four key factors that determine growth of network marketing companies:

1. Find the Right Niche Market

Finding a niche market is the first prerequisite for significant MLM corporate growth. A product that is similar to dozens of others will be very difficult to position properly in the network marketing industry.

The fastest growing network marketing companies are innovators. Successful MLM companies find an empty niche market or they create the need for a new market. This way, MLM companies are capable of guaranteeing their market positioning. Having to compete against well-established and well known direct selling companies is going to make your startup endeavor more difficult.

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MLM attrition is high. This is a fact of life. All of those distributors, who you have signed up, have competing demands on their time. So, if they go passive, it is not your fault. If that happens, you should give it a good shot to encourage them to reengage. However, after a few attempts, you should realize that you may be wasting your time. Hopefully, the value and quality and service proposition of your company’s products will allow you to convince the passive distributor to remain as a preferred customer.

At some point, however, you need to move on and focus on finding new recruits. One company executive succinctly captured the strategic decision in a metaphor when he said, “You can throw alarm clocks at the cemetery, but you won’t wake up the dead; it is easier to make babies.” Although a bit crass, this point is well taken. You should invest your time and effort where it will pay off.

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Although it would be nice to think that venture capital firms were salivating to fund direct selling companies, this is not the case. First, the amount needed, which often is merely a few hundred thousand dollars is “too small potatoes” for most venture capital funds. Even the best MLM companies are often started by inexperienced business persons. Venture capital firms are not comfortable in this context.

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“Legal Hotspots for Direct Selling Companies.”

“Legal Hotspots for Direct Selling Companies.”

Nikki Keohohou with the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA) hosts the Executive Interview Forum titled “Legal Hotspots for Direct Selling Companies.” The interviewee for this hour is Network Marketing Attorney, Jeff Babener, Editor of

View the video on our website: or; or view it on Youtube.

In this hour-long video, Jeff Babener addresses network marketing industry topics such as:

–          Distributor raiding

–          Pyramid scheme

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In everyday life, roughly nine out of ten successful people had a mentor.

In everyday life, roughly nine out of ten successful people had a mentor.

Multilevel marketing companies are built on the mentorship model where top-tier salespeople recruit salespeople below them to sell products and services. The top-tiered salesperson makes a commission on the products and services that they sell, as well as on the sales of those in their downline. This model encourages recruiting of new salespeople, while also allowing new recruits to have a mentor who will answer questions and provide examples of success.

In everyday life, roughly nine out of ten successful people had a mentor. Whereas, those who don’t have strong mentors in network marketing are those whom are more likely to fail or quit. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a sponsor/mentor, the best thing to do is to look for one that is seasoned, successful and willing to provide the critical network marketing mentorship that you need to be successful. And when it comes time for you to sponsor and mentor, be sure to train your recruits in the successful ways that you’ve been taught. Their success equates to your success.

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Visit for more information on pyramid schemes and access to books, brochures and videos with all the information you need to know about the direct selling industry.

If you’ve decided that you’re right for network marketing, and that network marketing is right for you then it’s time to go out and find the best MLM company to join. Or, if you’ve already signed up with one, it’s time to make sure it’s worthy of your time and effort.

Choosing the right company is not a matter to take lightly. Due diligence will pay off. Being knowledgeable about the company you represent will help you to determine whether or not you want to join the company. Direct selling can bring you added financial security and many new friendships, but it’s important to be sure that you’re part of a legitimate opportunity.

If you are searching for a direct selling company to join, which you’ll be introducing to your friends and family, your credibility will be on the line. You want to make sure you are representing a company with credibility and with products that stand on their own in the marketplace.

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Jeff Babener’s Youtube video channel has reached over 67,000 views! Visit our Youtube channel to view some of’s most popular videos!

MLM Attorney Jeff Babener discusses compensation plans, pyramid schemes, the MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas, the network marketing industry, and many other aspects of the direct selling business. Here are some of our videos (and don’t forget to check back for more educational videos in the future!):

Attorney Jeff Babener, Discusses Various Topics in a MLM Compliance Training Session

Earnings Claims and Consumer Protection Laws

Interviews with Expert MLM Attorney, Jeffrey Babener

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Most direct selling, network marketing, MLM companies will be lucky if they can retain 15 to 20 percent of their recruited consultants on a long-term basis. Therefore, MLM company owners and their consultants should consider this information of great importance.

How do you retain your distributors? Special treatment can make all the difference in whether a consultant or customer stays or leaves the company. It’s important to encourage upline distributors to give their downline consultants and customers attentive treatment and service in order to ensure that they will stick around. The handling of people through quality service is priceless where advertising and marketing costs may not produce the same effect.

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