You hear it all the time from distributors. “Opportunity.” What opportunity? What are consultants referring to specifically?

Watch the video to see what expert MLM Attorney Jeff Babener has to say.

The word “opportunity” is a generic term for the chance to advance, better one’s economic state, health, social position.

However, in the context of direct selling, “opportunity”, in addition to the chance to make money, is a

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A number of states have multilevel distribution statutes that require registration. States such as Massachusetts, Georgia, Louisiana, Wyoming, and Montana require MLM registration. Other states with MLM statutes, such as Texas, Washington, Idaho, Indiana, South Dakota, etc., do not require actual registration.

No state approves MLMs and there are no advisory opinions to be sought in the U.S. on MLM. I.e. there is no approving of MLMs in all 50 states.

In regards to registering as “doing business,” states generally do not regard selling through independent sales representatives as “doing business,” requiring registration to do business. MLM companies resist this classification, which is

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