You hear it all the time from distributors. “Opportunity.” What opportunity? What are consultants referring to specifically?

Watch the video to see what expert MLM Attorney Jeff Babener has to say.

The word “opportunity” is a generic term for the chance to advance, better one’s economic state, health, social position.

However, in the context of direct selling, “opportunity”, in addition to the chance to make money, is a

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As a consultant, where did you first begin selling your products/services?

It is often said that direct selling/MLM/network marketing is about first sharing your product and services within your spheres of influence, that is to say, first harvest the low lying fruit. This means calling upon your friends, family, social acquaintances, co-workers, members of your church, religious group, fraternal organizations, etc. In other words, sell where you are the most comfortable. Generally, this includes territory close to home. Generally speaking if you sell products/services at a distance then it is because you have connections. As you mature, you may venture into other territories, but it likely will be through social networking or by having an online presence.

As a consultant, where did you first begin selling your products/services? How would you rate your success during your first year as a consultant?

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According to Nancy Collamer, in her Forbes article “Can You Really Make Money in Direct Sales?” direct sellers earn on average $2,400 annually, which isn’t surprising considering that 89 percent of people who work as consultants do so part-time.

The article emphasizes that the statistics are also decreased by consultants who join companies only to get their favorite product at a discount without intending to sell or recruit. Collamer argues that in order to make full-time money in the MLM business one must a least work full-time, although no formula exists that equates working hours into salary in the direct selling industry.

In addition, the article quotes a MLM industry expert who believes that the best consultants are women in their 50s since they are educated, been active volunteers and are experienced in running their households.

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An Emerging Giant – What is the Difference Between Direct Selling and Network Marketing?

Network marketing – also called multilevel marketing (MLM), person-to-person marketing, and one-on-one marketing – is a form of direct selling. You may already know about direct selling.  Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Fuller Brush… these are just some of the direct selling companies that have been household names for decades. Since the 1980’s, new network marketing giants have emerged, including Nikken, Herbalife, NuSkin, Maleleuca, and Prime America.

Direct selling companies market goods and services through networks of thousands of independent distributors. These distributors either buy products from their companies and then resell them to consumers, or they sell products on behalf of their companies for a commission on retail sales.

Network marketing gives direct selling a new spin. In both types of companies, distributors make money by selling products directly to consumers. But in network marketing companies, distributors can also make money by building their own sales organizations and receiving commissions or bonuses on the sales generated by the distributors in the organizations. The term “multilevel marketing” springs from the fact that distributors receive commissions on multiple levels of their organizations. Most direct selling companies today are structured this way.

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