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Happy Holidays from MLMLegal.com and Babener & Associates Law Office! Keep yourself up-to-date on the network marketing industry through the busy holiday season. Watch our network marketing videos and stay inspired to launch your MLM company or grow your existing business! Request a FREE copy of the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company manual! Stay current on multilevel marketing law in your state. Take a look at what real MLM trial looks like. Spend your Black Friday learning about hundreds of successful network marketing companies. Catch up on our educational blog posts at mlmlegal.com and mlmattorney.com. Or simply relax, sit back, and get lost at MLMLegal.com. Have a great holiday season!

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What’s the difference between MLM, network marketing, party plan, and direct sales?

Actually, they all fall under the general umbrella of “direct sales.” Historically, direct selling only involved direct person-to-person sales, often door-to-door. In the 1950’s companies such as Amway, Shaklee and Mary Kay introduced to the direct seller the ability to sponsor other sellers, to build a sales organization, and to receive an override commission on the sales in their sales organization at multiple levels. This is the origin of MLM, multilevel marketing and network marketing, which are all the same thing; i.e., direct sales with a multiple-level

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The MLM industry doesn’t simply embody cosmetics and plastic containers anymore. Although cosmetics and nutritional products are still leading sellers in the MLM industry, new companies are coming up with new products all the time. Today, the direct selling industry offers nearly every product available to retail consumers, and new products and services are being offered all the time. One of the newest categories of service being offered by direct selling companies include energy products: electricity, natural gas, and green energy services, among others.

MLM companies are beginning to direct their attention towards men. The most famous, perhaps, is Man Cave. Direct selling is such a successful business model that even Donald Trump joined the bandwagon with his own MLM company, The Trump Network.

The Direct Selling Association has over 70 product and service categories offered by direct selling companies, from vacuum cleaners to coffee, from jewelry to insurance, from photography to cutlery. MLMLegal.com offers over 700 MLM company profiles in categories ranging from wine to emergency preparedness, from loans to greeting cards, to hobby and crafts.

There are a lot of choices with so many products and services being offered by direct selling companies. With so much to choose from, what are your favorite products (or services) to sell in your direct selling business? If you are a MLM customer, what products do you prefer to purchase?

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MLMLegal.com offers over 700 MLM, direct selling, network marketing, and party plan company profiles, highlighting each company’s founding story, impact on the industry, products, discussion of opportunity (compensation plan), and a discussion of distributor base and sales volume in the U.S. and abroad.*

New MLM company profiles are being added and updated all the time, so check back often. We hope that these MLM company profiles help visitors learn more about a variety of direct selling companies. Visit our MLM Company Profile Page to learn more.

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According to an article at MSN’s website titled “Queen Elizabeth’s eating habits revealed,” former royal chef Darren McGrady states that Queen Elizabeth enjoys a bowl of cereal every morning topped with fruits or nuts from her garden, which are stored in one of the most popular direct selling products, Tupperware. Perhaps even the Queen of England owning and using Tupperware products shouldn’t be a surprise considering Tupperware was ranked the seventh largest direct selling company in 2010, with $2.3 billion in net sales.

As one of the largest MLM companies in the world, Tupperware operates in over 100 countries and has over two million salespeople. Tupperware’s top five consumers are Germany, America, Mexico, France, and Australia. The company itself was founded in 1945 by Earl Tupper and grew to be quite competitive with its “burping seal” technology.

The top ten largest global direct selling companies include 1) Avon Products, Inc., 2) Amway,

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At MLMLegal.com, we are continuously working on a project of maintaining over 700 MLM, direct selling, network marketing, party plan company profiles and keeping them accurate and up-to-date. Our unbiased MLM company profiles offer summary information about each company’s founding story, its impact on the MLM industry, products, compensation plan, as well as its growth and sales volume figures.

Over 700 MLM Company Profiles

Please welcome ten new MLM company profiles to MLMLegal.com.

In addition, we work tirelessly to add new MLM companies as they launch into the U.S. and global marketplace. We hope that the simplified MLM company profiles help to provide readers with quick information about individual companies without requiring readers to have to wade through each company’s, sometimes complex, websites and compensation plans/opportunities.

Please welcome ten new MLM company profiles to MLMLegal.com:

Beauty Society
Rastelli Foods Group – Rastelli Direct
NYR Organic US
Frezzor, Inc.
Nutrazon International, Inc.

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People often ask, “What are the top two reasons why MLM companies fail?” Many have speculated. However, we have been in the direct selling industry for a long time and the answer may actually surprise you. The reason for a company’s failure is not necessary always a legal one, which may sound odd coming from a seasoned direct selling attorney.

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The direct selling industry hasn’t proved to be as vulnerable to a down economy as other industry sectors. Fledgling and startup MLM companies are either flourishing or remaining economically consistent (see our recent blog post on the DSA’s – Direct Selling Association – Annual Growth & Outlook Survey for the latest U.S. direct selling industry statistics). Proof for this can be seen in the latest MLM industry headlines, but also in the growing pending member applications under review by the DSA.

Four new direct selling companies have applied for membership with the Direct Selling Association, announced in a recent DSA press release.

In June, Country Gourmet Home and Origami Owl applied for DSA membership and are under review. They are currently marked as “pending” members of the DSA.

In July, two more companies applied: ArtNest, Inc. and Jamberry Nails. Both are also currently sanctioned as “pending” members of the DSA.

A company must go under extensive review to become a member of the Direct Selling Association. The DSA states the follow requirements for membership:

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MLMLegal.com has worked since 2009 to research, write and collect information on MLM, network marketing, direct selling, and party plan companies in order to compose the “MLM Company Profiles” webpage. To date, there are over 700 active MLM company profiles at MLMLegal.com. The editors of MLMLegal (the website hosted by long-time MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener of the Law Office Babener & Associates) are constantly updating the profiles, removing companies that have gone out of business and adding newly-launched network marketing companies. Hundreds of MLM companies have come and gone throughout the years, but many have proven they have the longevity to succeed. Visit http://www.mlmlegal.com/profiles/index.html frequently to see for yourself.

We’ve taken the time to organize the hundreds of MLM companies alphabetically and by products sold. Each company profile contains a logo, a brief description of the company’s history, its impact on the industry, an overview of its products, a discussion of the opportunity, and a discussion of the sales and distributor base (if that information is available). These profiles offer a quick way to compare compensation plans between companies or to find a company that offers a unique product that is perfect for your taste. Our research has also shown that no product is immune to direct sales (unless the company has no tangible product at all, in which then you should consider reading about illegal pyramid schemes). MLM companies are selling everything from medical marijuana to maternity products.

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