Introduction to MLM and Direct Selling VideoIntroduction to MLM and Direct Selling Video – MLM on Trial

Lead Travelmax Trial Counsel, Jeffrey Babener, explains to the Court the scope and breadth of the MLM industry with an overview of legal issues pertinent to the industry and to the trial of a pyramid case in the State of Kentucky. In addition, focus is made on the leading pyramid case in Kentucky involving Dare to be Great (1974).

An Inside Look at a MLM Trial – Jeff Babener Explains Direct Selling in Travelmax Trial – 1997

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Here are a few MLM news stories that we’ve recently highlighted from the beginning of this year:

Ackman, Herbalife and Celebrity Short-Sellers (1/1/13)

Activist Takes on Ackman Over Herbalife (1/2/13)

UPDATE: Herbalife completes
purchase of former Dell plant (1/3/13)

How to balance traditional, online, and social media (1/3/13)

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Hi. I’m Jeff Babener and welcome to our blog. There are some basic things that you need to be willing to do in order to be successful in network marketing. Are you doing the basics? Is your downline doing the basics? Are you prospecting people who are willing to do the basics to succeed?

To answer these questions, here is a list of what must be done to become a successful network marketer: 1) Meet People. This is a people business. To be successful in network marketing, you have to let your hair down and mix it up with other people. The only way you’ll make sales, or find recruits for your sales organization is to get out there and rub shoulders. If you’re not a people-person, this business probably isn’t working for you. So, I would encourage you to learn and develop your people skills.

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Interviewer: Jeff, let me ask you this question, what’s the difference between a legitimate direct sales opportunity and a pyramid scheme?

Jeff Babener: If you’re selling a product or service and it stands on its own in the marketplace and people would buy it because they want it, then you have a real, legitimate direct selling company. If on the other hand, the quality of the product is low, the price is high, then it merely becomes an excuse for people to buy the product because they want to qualify for the program in order to recruit others, make money, and earn commissions.

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Start the New Year off right! If you are starting or running and existing MLM, direct selling, network marketing, party plan company and need the help of industry experts, you should attend the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference. Hosted by industry expert Jeff Babener in Las Vegas February 21 & 22, 2013!

The MLM Startup Conference introduces executives of MLM companies to MLM industry experts in the areas of:

– Legal

– Software

– Capitalization

– Recruiting

– Technology

– Ecommerce

– Sales

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CNBC Senior Stocks Commentator, Herb Greenberg, evoked the expertise of leading MLM attorney, Jeff Babener, in the Commentator’s blog post “How Multi-Level Marketers Dodged a Bullet.”

CNBC – January 9, 2013

In his article, Commentator Greenberg discussed the effect lobbying dollars spent by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and Herbalife assisted in the exclusion of consultants from the Business Opportunity Rule, enacted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Attorney Babener’s (editor of and widely read article titled “The New FTC Business Opportunity Rule – MLM/Direct Selling Exemption Recognized” was quoted saying:

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