Have you finally decided to launch the network marketing business of your dreams? Or, have you decided that it’s time to take another look at your current MLM company to see how you can improve, grow and expand your business? Have you finally decided to launch the network marketing business of your dreams? Or, have you decided that it’s time to take another look at your current MLM company to see how you can improve, grow and expand your business?

Babener & Associates/http://www.mlmlegal.com/, with over 30 years in the legal business, offers an excellent and affordable resource for those who are starting or running a direct selling company: The Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference. This seminar offers MLM startup entrepreneurs a place to meet a plethora of network marketing industry experts — all in one place — who will help educate you in the corporate areas that are important to you, such as software, legal, technology, recruiting, raising capital, or designing your compensation plan. Visit our speaker page to learn more about the speakers and the topics that they will be covering.

Attendees will also be in the same room with around 100s of other established and entrepreneurial MLM companies who help to provide encouragement, advice and support.

All attendees are educated about the network marketing industry, how to grow their companies, to are able to meet experts in the industry who will help to coach them on the MLM industry.

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The Next MLM Startup Conference Takes Place October 23 & 24, 2014!

The Next MLM Startup Conference Takes Place October 23 & 24, 2014!

The next Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference will be held October 23rd & 24th, 2014!

For more than 27 years, leading industry experts have educated the executives of starting and existing MLM, direct selling, network marketing, and party plan companies on how to structure their compensation plans, legalize their companies, recruit key employees and top-ranking distributors, develop business models, generate leads, fund their business, establish their website and technology platforms, better understand the direct selling industry, and so much more.

The next MLM Startup Conference takes place held October 23rd & 24th, 2014 in Las Vegas. View the conference flyer page at http://www.mlmlegal.com/srs2.html to learn more.

This is the original MLM Startup Conference – responsible for launching many industry-leading companies – perfected over the course of a quarter of a century to ensure the highest quality of information, the most knowledgeable experts, and the most practical advice from qualified experts.

Over the course of two days, attendees will hear from scores of industry experts, and if they choose, can sign up to meet with the speakers for individual one-on-one time. A full list of speakers and their biographies/credentials can be found at http://www.mlmlegal.com/bio.html.

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When we’re engaged by direct selling companies one of the first questions we hear is “Should we go international immediately?” This is an understandable question to ask because the internet has changed the way we do business. Clients who are selling services can offer those services globally in a seamless fashion.

Obviously, more challenges occur if they are selling tangible products because of the required approval process. There are customs issues, tax issues, etc. Our answer to companies, as a general matter, is that they need to consider the cost and expense of international expansion. Some companies will say, “We can’t hold off the sponsoring of distributors around the world.” And, some companies decide they really can’t afford the cost, saying “We’re just going to invite distributors from other countries to come to our website and sign up here in the U.S. We’re not going to deal with the tax issues, compliance issues, etc. We’re going to just try to stay below on the radar.” But is that practical? Practically, if you were to ask us for the right answer, this isn’t the right way to address international expansion since every country – just like the United States – has its own compliance regulations.

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Expert MLM Attorney Jeff Babener has just released a new video titled Unauthorized Medical Claims and FDA Issues. In the video, which took place at an MLM company compliance training event, Attorney Babener discussed the harm that can come from distributors who make unauthorized medical claims about the products that they sell.

Unauthorized medical claims, such as selling a product based on its ability to “cure cancer” is harmful to customers, the company and other distributors. Mr. Babener discusses the FDA’s perspective and the ramifications of making false claims, one of which is bringing harm to oneself and others. Watch this video to learn what claims you can and cannot make about the products you sell.

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What MLM, direct selling, network marketing, party plan companies have the most name recognition out of Direct Selling News (DSN) list of the Top 100 Direct Selling Companies in the World? We’ve picked ten companies that we believe people in the MLM industry will most likely recognize in the United States. If you think we need to add or remove a company from this list, let us know by commenting on this thread!

We can’t imagine that anyone that hasn’t heard of Avon. Avon is our first pick because of their massive annual net sales in the billions and the fact that the company has been around since the 1800s. Not only are Americans today aware of Avon, but so were the generations before us. Avon has become symbolic of the direct selling industry. Here is Avon Products’ statistical information provided by DSN:

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The direct selling industry hasn’t proved to be as vulnerable to a down economy as other industry sectors. Fledgling and startup MLM companies are either flourishing or remaining economically consistent (see our recent blog post on the DSA’s – Direct Selling Association – Annual Growth & Outlook Survey for the latest U.S. direct selling industry statistics). Proof for this can be seen in the latest MLM industry headlines, but also in the growing pending member applications under review by the DSA.

Four new direct selling companies have applied for membership with the Direct Selling Association, announced in a recent DSA press release.

In June, Country Gourmet Home and Origami Owl applied for DSA membership and are under review. They are currently marked as “pending” members of the DSA.

In July, two more companies applied: ArtNest, Inc. and Jamberry Nails. Both are also currently sanctioned as “pending” members of the DSA.

A company must go under extensive review to become a member of the Direct Selling Association. The DSA states the follow requirements for membership:

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MLMLegal.com has recently compiled hundreds of notable cases that impact the direct selling industry. Organized by state, federal, court system, and subject matter, readers can find hundreds of cases on topics that directly impact distributors and MLM company owners. View the cases at MLMLegal.com. Or, download the MLMLegal.com iTunes application to access legal cases, MLM videos, MLM law in 50 states, MLM company profiles, and much more from your smart device.

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Mary Kay recently reported that it has attracted one million Facebook fans. The press release states:

Mary Kay, the No. 6 direct seller in the world according to the 2011 DSN Global 100, recently reached the 1 million Facebook fan mark, a number that has become the benchmark for successful consumer engagement for brands…

Read the full press release here. To read more headlines on the direct selling industry, visit mlmlegal.com.

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An Emerging Giant – What is the Difference Between Direct Selling and Network Marketing?

Network marketing – also called multilevel marketing (MLM), person-to-person marketing, and one-on-one marketing – is a form of direct selling. You may already know about direct selling.  Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Fuller Brush… these are just some of the direct selling companies that have been household names for decades. Since the 1980’s, new network marketing giants have emerged, including Nikken, Herbalife, NuSkin, Maleleuca, and Prime America.

Direct selling companies market goods and services through networks of thousands of independent distributors. These distributors either buy products from their companies and then resell them to consumers, or they sell products on behalf of their companies for a commission on retail sales.

Network marketing gives direct selling a new spin. In both types of companies, distributors make money by selling products directly to consumers. But in network marketing companies, distributors can also make money by building their own sales organizations and receiving commissions or bonuses on the sales generated by the distributors in the organizations. The term “multilevel marketing” springs from the fact that distributors receive commissions on multiple levels of their organizations. Most direct selling companies today are structured this way.

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Via the New York Times:

In announcing its $10 billion unsolicited bid for Avon Products Inc., Coty acknowledged that it had sent three letters to the cosmetics giant last month seeking to begin talks about a deal….

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