February 27th & 28th, 2014 - The MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas

The next Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference is already scheduled for next year! On February 27th & 28th, 2014 we are hosting the MLM Conference for the 26th year! This is now our 66th annual conference (held almost consistently three times per year over the last 24 years). All executives/owners of MLM, direct selling, network marking, and party plan companies are welcome to attend. This is the original MLM Startup Conference, hosted and perfected by direct selling industry expert, MLM Attorney Jeff Babener.


Direct Selling Attorney, Jeff Babener, Founder of Babener & Associates and Sponsor of the MLM Startup Conference, has over 25 years of experience in the industry, representing companies such as Avon, Nikken, Melaleuca, Discovery Toys, Usana, and NuSkin.

MLM Industry Consultant, Mike Sheffield, with The Sheffield Group and Co-Sponsor of the MLM Startup Conference, has helped launch over 800 companies over the last 27 years.

Over the course of two days, you will hear from many leaders in the direct selling industry, who include:

Jeffrey A. Babener, of Portland, Oregon, Conference Chair and Sponsor, www.mlmlegal.com, is the principal attorney in the law firm of Babener & Associates. He represents leading U.S. and foreign companies in the direct selling industry. He has been advisor to such companies as Avon, Discovery Toys, Nikken, Shaklee NuSkin, Excel, Usana, Fuller Brush, Cell Tech, Kaire, Sunrider, Melaleuca, etc. He is a frequent lecturer and has been interviewed on the industry, and published, in such publications as Money, Inc., Atlantic Monthly, Success, Entrepreneur, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Home Office Computing, Business Start-Ups, Wealth Builders and Money Maker’s Monthly. He is editor of the industry publication, Direct Sales Legaline. Mr. Babener is also the author of the books, Tax Guide for MLM/Direct Selling Distributors, Network Marketer’s Guide to Success, The MLM Corporate Handbook, Network Marketing: Window of Opportunity and Network Marketing: What You Should Know. He is editor of one of most frequented network marketing educational web sites, www.mlmlegal.com.

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What’s the difference between MLM, network marketing, party plan, and direct sales?

Actually, they all fall under the general umbrella of “direct sales.” Historically, direct selling only involved direct person-to-person sales, often door-to-door. In the 1950’s companies such as Amway, Shaklee and Mary Kay introduced to the direct seller the ability to sponsor other sellers, to build a sales organization, and to receive an override commission on the sales in their sales organization at multiple levels. This is the origin of MLM, multilevel marketing and network marketing, which are all the same thing; i.e., direct sales with a multiple-level

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According to Nancy Collamer, in her Forbes article “Can You Really Make Money in Direct Sales?” direct sellers earn on average $2,400 annually, which isn’t surprising considering that 89 percent of people who work as consultants do so part-time.

The article emphasizes that the statistics are also decreased by consultants who join companies only to get their favorite product at a discount without intending to sell or recruit. Collamer argues that in order to make full-time money in the MLM business one must a least work full-time, although no formula exists that equates working hours into salary in the direct selling industry.

In addition, the article quotes a MLM industry expert who believes that the best consultants are women in their 50s since they are educated, been active volunteers and are experienced in running their households.

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If you missed the May 2013 MLM Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference, or simply wanted to attend but couldn’t, we have another chance for you. MLM Attorney, Jeff Babener, Co-Host of the MLM Conference and Editor of MLMLegal.com will be hosting our next Conference October 24th & 25th, 2013 in Las Vegas! Get more information by reviewing the details below:


The next Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference is quickly approaching! On October 24th and 25th, 2013 we are hosting the MLM Conference for the 25th year! This is now our 65th annual conference (held almost consistently three times per year over the last 24 years). All executives/owners of MLM, direct selling, network marking, and party plan companies are welcome to attend. This is the original MLM Startup Conference, hosted and perfected by direct selling industry expert, MLM Attorney Jeff Babener.


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Recently, the Direct Selling Association released its U.S. Direct Selling in 2011 Fact Sheet [PDF] which provided statistics for the percentage of direct sellers in the United States over the last five years.

In 2007, there were 15 million direct sellers. 15.1 million in 2008. 16.1 million in 2009. 15.8 million in 2010. And, 15.6 in 2011.

For more quick facts on the direct selling industry, visit mlmlegal.com or mlmattorney.com.

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What is the difference between MLM and direct selling? There is also network marketing… The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) explains how you can tell the difference between a network marketing company and an MLM company, as well as, how to tell whether or not the company is legal.

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Percent of Sales by Major Product Group

2009                   2010                   2011

Home & family care/home durables                      23.9                    24.4                    22.6

Wellness (weight loss products, vitamins, etc.)   22.8                    23.0                    24.1

Personal care                                                                21.3                    19.4                    18.2

Services (travel, real estate, etc.) & other               18.4                    19.2                    20.7

Clothing & accessories                                              10.3                    11.0                    12.3

Leisure/education                                                     3.3                      3.0                      2.1

Percent of Sales by Sales Strategy

2009                   2010                   2011

Individual/person-to-person                                 64.3                    63.5                    64.9

Party plan/group selling                                         25.4                    27.9                   30.9

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Direct Selling News has published the top direct selling companies in the world. Here is a list of the highest-selling top 20 companies, located in the United States, exceeding 100 million dollars in net sales.

Avon Products

$11.3 billion


$10.9 billion

Herbalife Ltd.

$3.5 billion

Mary Kay, Inc.

$2.9 billion

Tupperware Brands Corp.

$2.6 billion

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

$1.7 billion

Primerica Financial Services, Inc.

$1.1 billion

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As we talk with companies, we’re often asked “Is there a level playing field for all types of compensation plans?” Whether they are binary, matrix or Australia 2-Up, and for products, whether they are the sale of financial services, educational products, health products and vitamins, the answer is “The same legal principals apply no matter what your compensation plan is and no matter what your product is.”

The basic legal principal and the question I’ll always ask is “What is it that people are paying?” and “Why are they paying it?” If you are selling a quality product at a fair price to consumers that use it, you are probably on the legitimate side.  If it’s a program in which you are merely moving money or you are selling over-priced products to distributors who are buying only to qualify, then you probably have a pyramid scheme.

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Another successful MLM Conference has ended! Were you unable to join us? No problem! Come to our next conference, in Las Vegas, in October! (Reserved for the executives of startup and existing MLM companies!) Visit our website for more information! www.mlmlegal.com

The MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas takes place October 25th & 26th, 2012!

October 25th & 26th, 2012 – 9:00AM-4PM, and one-on-one time with the speakers from 4PM-7PM, both days

The MLM Startup Conference is an educational conference for executives of startup and existing MLM, Network Marketing, Party Plan, and Direct Selling Companies. This conference has been in existence for over twenty years and is hosted by the industry’s leading experts.

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