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Our newest company profiles include:


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New MLM company profiles are being added and updated all the time, so check back often. We hope that these MLM company profiles help visitors learn more about a variety of direct selling companies. Visit our MLM Company Profile Page to learn more.

*At MLMLegal.Com the intent of MLM Company Profiles is strictly educational, and, to provide insight into the broad array of Company

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Can you make it just by starting small, or do you have to start big? The fact is that the most successful direct selling companies all started out small. That’s why we have hosted more than 60 Starting and Running the Direct Selling Company Conferences, with over 5,000-6,000 attendees who have attended our event.

We’ve worked with companies that have started with nothing to companies that are now doing $5 billion or more.  Look at the history of some MLM leaders, perhaps a company like Amway, which does five, six, seven billion dollars a year around the world.  This company was started by owners who began by mixing biodegradable soap in their bath tub.

Doris Christopher started Pampered Chef, spending the first few years in her basement.  Of course, later on it bought by Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway for a fortune.

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Have you ever wondered if their is a recipe that successful MLM, direct selling, network marketing, and party plan companies have that make them a success? Expert MLM Attorney Jeff Babener knows the recipe for success for executives in network marketing. He shares a few in his new video: Factors that Make an MLM Company Successful.

More new videos are available directly on the homepage. Experienced MLM Attorney Babener offers many tips to emerging and startup companies on his website. The article “MLM Consulting: How to Build a Successful Direct Selling Company” and the FREE MLM Startup Manual offer additional information on achieving success in the competitive world of network marketing.

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What MLM, direct selling, network marketing, party plan companies have the most name recognition out of Direct Selling News (DSN) list of the Top 100 Direct Selling Companies in the World? We’ve picked ten companies that we believe people in the MLM industry will most likely recognize in the United States. If you think we need to add or remove a company from this list, let us know by commenting on this thread!

We can’t imagine that anyone that hasn’t heard of Avon. Avon is our first pick because of their massive annual net sales in the billions and the fact that the company has been around since the 1800s. Not only are Americans today aware of Avon, but so were the generations before us. Avon has become symbolic of the direct selling industry. Here is Avon Products’ statistical information provided by DSN:

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Although AtHome America has not made any official statement on their website, the Direct Selling Association has reported that the company has gone out of business. The phone number posted on the company’s website – 1.800.928.4663 – is no longer active. Apart from the Direct Selling Association’s mention, no other information is available.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shut down for conducting Ponzi scheme activity. News outlets are reporting that ZeekRewards raised over 600 million dollars from over one million customers. Here are some links to the news reports:

SEC Shuts Down ZeekRewards as Scam – Wall Street Journal

U.S. SEC says shuts $600 million Ponzi scheme – Reuters

Investors in Lexington Ponzi scheme confused, upset – Fox8

Read the official SEC Complaint [PDF]. Or, read the official SEC Complaint online (i.e. text only).

Be sure to visit the blog at to read MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener’s article, And the Leaves that are Green Turn to Brown – MLM Penny Auctions, of ZeekRewards’ recent allegations and to learn more about illegitimate direct selling companies.

You may also be interested in reading the following articles which help to identify pyramid schemes vs. legitimate MLM companies:

Is it a Pyramid or Legitimate MLM?

Identifying Illegal Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid: Yes or No?

Tired of reading? Attorney Jeff Babener will explain pyramid schemes to you on video:

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The direct selling industry hasn’t proved to be as vulnerable to a down economy as other industry sectors. Fledgling and startup MLM companies are either flourishing or remaining economically consistent (see our recent blog post on the DSA’s – Direct Selling Association – Annual Growth & Outlook Survey for the latest U.S. direct selling industry statistics). Proof for this can be seen in the latest MLM industry headlines, but also in the growing pending member applications under review by the DSA.

Four new direct selling companies have applied for membership with the Direct Selling Association, announced in a recent DSA press release.

In June, Country Gourmet Home and Origami Owl applied for DSA membership and are under review. They are currently marked as “pending” members of the DSA.

In July, two more companies applied: ArtNest, Inc. and Jamberry Nails. Both are also currently sanctioned as “pending” members of the DSA.

A company must go under extensive review to become a member of the Direct Selling Association. The DSA states the follow requirements for membership:

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We’ve taken the time to organize the hundreds of MLM companies alphabetically and by products sold. Each company profile contains a logo, a brief description of the company’s history, its impact on the industry, an overview of its products, a discussion of the opportunity, and a discussion of the sales and distributor base (if that information is available). These profiles offer a quick way to compare compensation plans between companies or to find a company that offers a unique product that is perfect for your taste. Our research has also shown that no product is immune to direct sales (unless the company has no tangible product at all, in which then you should consider reading about illegal pyramid schemes). MLM companies are selling everything from medical marijuana to maternity products.

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Mary Kay recently reported that it has attracted one million Facebook fans. The press release states:

Mary Kay, the No. 6 direct seller in the world according to the 2011 DSN Global 100, recently reached the 1 million Facebook fan mark, a number that has become the benchmark for successful consumer engagement for brands…

Read the full press release here. To read more headlines on the direct selling industry, visit

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