CNBC Senior Stocks Commentator, Herb Greenberg, evoked the expertise of leading MLM attorney, Jeff Babener, in the Commentator’s blog post “How Multi-Level Marketers Dodged a Bullet.”

CNBC – January 9, 2013

In his article, Commentator Greenberg discussed the effect lobbying dollars spent by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and Herbalife assisted in the exclusion of consultants from the Business Opportunity Rule, enacted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Attorney Babener’s (editor of and widely read article titled “The New FTC Business Opportunity Rule – MLM/Direct Selling Exemption Recognized” was quoted saying:

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…Last week, I knocked Herbalife for claiming it does a bunch of R&D, but not disclosing the amount it spends on it.

Then, later in the week, without fanfare, the nutritional supplement company updated the R&D section of its website to show the amount it spends on R&D and other stuff… Continue Reading…

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