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If you’ve decided that you’re right for network marketing, and that network marketing is right for you then it’s time to go out and find the best MLM company to join. Or, if you’ve already signed up with one, it’s time to make sure it’s worthy of your time and effort.

Choosing the right company is not a matter to take lightly. Due diligence will pay off. Being knowledgeable about the company you represent will help you to determine whether or not you want to join the company. Direct selling can bring you added financial security and many new friendships, but it’s important to be sure that you’re part of a legitimate opportunity.

If you are searching for a direct selling company to join, which you’ll be introducing to your friends and family, your credibility will be on the line. You want to make sure you are representing a company with credibility and with products that stand on their own in the marketplace.

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This blog post is the companion post to the video: How to Tell if a Company is a Pyramid or a Legitimate MLM.

You may have been recruited for a network marketing opportunity or you are a recruiter. Inevitably, this question will come up, is the company a pyramid scheme or a legitimate business opportunity?

Although this is a complex legal area, let me share a simple metaphor that draws a clear line in the sand.

The metaphor is about a gentlemen, will call him Party #1, and he sells a case of canned tuna fish to Party #2 for $10. And, Party #2 sells it to Party #3 for $20, and Party #3 sells the case of canned tuna fish until it gets to Party #10, who buys the case of canned tuna for $500. And, Party #10 opens up the case of tuna fish and it’s rancid. It’s inedible.

He goes back to Party #9 and complains, “I bought this case of tuna for $500 and it’s rancid.” Party #9 tells him to take it to Party #8, and Party #8 tells him to take it to Party #7, and so on until Party #10 goes all the way back to Party #1 and says, “You’re the one who started all of this! I have a problem!”

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