This blog post is the companion post to the video: Why Do Distributors join MLM Companies? The following is the transcript of MLM Attorney Jeff Babener’s own words:

A common question we get is “why do people join direct selling and network marketing companies?”  Many studies have shown that recruitment is essential to success, particularly studies done by the Direct Selling Association. Many would be surprised at the results. One may think that most people join MLM companies for the money. However, believe it or not, money as motivation ranks as four, five and six on polls.

The polls have showed that the number one reason why people join MLM companies is because they relate to the product. The second reason they join is because they relate to company management; the person who founded the company. The third reason distributors join is because they relate to the company vision. If the company proclaims women’s empowerment or wellness, then distributors will relate to that as well. It is also important that distributors relate to the field leadership and the people that brought them into the company.

Of course, earnings are always important and many people join companies to earn income. Yet, among the top reasons that distributors join is because they like to work from home or they like that the harder they work, the more they are rewarded. These are directly proportional. But, of all these factors, the actual amount that a distributor earns is often the fifth or sixth reason they join the company. It is still important, but surprisingly less so than many people would think.

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