This blog post is the companion post to the video Raise Capital in Order to Recruit Key Distributors. MLM Attorney Jeff Babener discusses the need to raise capital in order to recruit key distributors below.

Hi, I’m Jeff Babener of and I’d like to talk to you about capitalization, can you recruit? Do you have a great recruitment background, the ability to recruit? Or a lineup of strong distributors? If so, your need for capital will be substantially diminished.

In the end your ability to recruit a talented and motivated sales network will be the number one key to your success. In fact, your need for capital is in direct inverse proportion to your ability to recruit. If you can recruit then you may have a cash cow on your hands. If recruitment is slow then your business plan needs to allow for buffer capital to hold you through one, two, or three years of break even or loss scenarios. That capital should be lined up ahead of time either through personal and close relationship resources or through angel investors.

The likelihood of public financing for the new MLM company is very remote. Time after time, the best source of capital is literally closest to home. Your ability to manage expenses will be very determinative of your need for buffer capital. And you will find that payroll infrastructure will eat up capital faster than anything else.

Can you make it in this business by starting in a backroom or garage? Absolutely. The fact is that most of today’s giants started precisely this way, with little capital, but great passion.

Wishing you the best in your direct selling business, I’m Jeff Babener.

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