In the “people” business of network marketing, the question is often asked, “What is the driving force of success for MLM companies?” Creating bonds between people is important because this is a “people” business. You need to find people that have a passion for what you are doing. If you are in health (nutritional supplements, dietary products, etc.) then that tends to be easier. If you sell energy services, then you are really about helping your neighbors save on their electricity bills. It’s always best when you have distributors and consumers who are bonded to your product, bonded to your vision, and bonded to your passion. If you look at the successes of companies like Avon – which does marches for breast cancer research – or if you look at Mary Kay – which is all about the empowerment of women – or you look at Shaklee or Nikken – that are really almost health movements – you will see long-term success because they have passion. The driving force of success for a MLM company involves there being passion within the company, passion by the distributors, and passion by long-term customers who bond with the company’s products and vision.

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