When you are starting your MLM, direct selling, network marketing, or party plan business, you’ll find that recruiting experienced distributors is often essential to your company’s success. And if you don’t have the background yourself, as a successful recruiter, you need to budget for a Sales Manager position for an individual who does have that capability.

Your ability to recruit directly equates to your success. If you have a background in recruiting and a background in direct selling, then your need for capital will be substantially lower. Recruiting top distributors will enable your company to have the capital to stay afloat and even grow. If recruiting is slow then you will need to raise one to three years of buffer capital in order to support your company in the event of stagnation or loss. And remember, the remuneration that is offered to top distributors will be effective in their decision to stay and help grow the business.

By using results-oriented marketing, a beginning company should first track their warm market, followed by the utilization of lead generation systems and advertising. Advertising is mainly used as an announcement that the company has launched. In marketing your MLM company, history has demonstrated that person-to-person networking is the most effective means of attracting prospective consultants and customers. In this business, there is no substitute for person-to-person relationship building and communication. Auto-responders and automated voice systems are simply not appreciated in direct selling, or in any other business, for that matter.

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