Jeffrey Babener’s – Editor of and MLMAttorney.comYoutube channel has surpassed 80,000 views! As the leading MLM industry expert, Jeff Babener has launched over 80 educational and informational videos for MLM, network marketing, direct selling, party plan executives and distributors (consultants, representatives, members, etc.). The videos cover topics from pyramid schemes to recruiting, to MLM success to finding the right product, to legal opinion to compensation plans, etc.

The various network marketing topics discussed on Mr. Babener’s Youtube channel are vast and highly educational. For years he has been compiling educational videos on the direct selling industry as a service to MLM company owners and distributors. Do you have a question about the network marketing industry? Attorney Babener answers your MLM legal questions! Click on the links below to watch his videos!

Do You Ever Wonder What a Real MLM Trial Is Like? Watch one for yourself!

Executive Interview Forum Questions and Answers (Q&A) NEW!

Executive Interview by the DSWA – “Legal Hotspots for Direct Selling Companies” with Jeff Babener NEW!

Attorney Jeff Babener, Discusses Various Topics in a MLM Compliance Training Session NEW!

Earnings Claims and Consumer Protection Laws

Interviews with Expert MLM Attorney, Jeffrey Babener

Short Course on Network Marketing: Q&A with Jeffrey Babener on Pyramid Schemes NEW!
The Difference between MLM Earnings Calculators and Earnings Claims
From a Legal Perspective: The Difference between a Pyramid Scheme and Legitimate MLM
Compliance Guidelines for Direct Selling Companies and Network Marketers
Factors That Make a MLM Company Successful
A View of the Direct Selling Industry: Past, Present and Future
Why Choose the MLM Model for Your Business? – A CEO Interview

MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas Videos

MLMlegal Releases New Film on the MLM Startup Conference – Produced by
The MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas

MLM Distributor Education Videos

Jeffrey Babener: Company and Distributor Training on the MLM Industry
Understanding the Basics in Order to Succeed In Direct Selling
Recruiting Advice from an Industry Expert
How to Tell if a Company is a Pyramid or a Legitimate MLM

Starting a MLM Company – A Video Primer

Profile of a Leading MLM Law Firm – Babener & Associates
In Order to Achieve Success in MLM, One Must Have Passion, Patience, Persistence
Raise Capital in Order to Recruit Key Distributors
Creating Clear Agreements between Company Owners
Role of Compensation Plan in a Successful Direct Selling Company
MLM Startup Conference – A Must for Executives of Startup and Existing MLM Companies
Choosing the Right Product for Your MLM Company
You Must Possess or Buy MLM Experience
Choosing the Right MLM Software and Technology for Your Direct Selling Business
The Legal Issues of Starting and Running a MLM Company
MLM Startup Tips, Educational Resources, Answers to Network Marketing Questions
Learn What is Needed to Recruit Top-Selling Distributors
How Important is Your Company Name? Learn about Trademarking Your Company Name

All About MLM, Direct Selling and Network Marketing

An Introduction to Direct Selling and the Basics of MLM
The Major Players – Successful MLM Companies
The Legal Issues of Starting and Running a Direct Selling Company
Success Stories in the MLM, Direct Selling, Network Marketing Industry
Technology’s Impact on the Direct Selling Industry: The History of Technology
Not all Direct Selling Companies are Pyramid Schemes
Debunking Direct Selling Industry Myths
The Internet‘s Effect on Direct Selling and the Future of MLM

About the MLM, Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Party Plan Industry – Q&A

Is the Compensation Plan the Driving Force for Success?
What are the Top Two Reasons Why MLM Companies Fail?
How Important is Recruiting to a MLM Company Success?
What is the Importance of Merchant Account/Payment Solutions Processing?
Who are the First Key Hires for a MLM Company?
Do We Start Local or Launch Nationally Immediately?
What is the Driving Force of Success for a MLM Company?
Why Do Distributors Join MLM Companies?
Why Do Distributors Stay with MLM Companies?
Has Corporate America Discovered MLM?
What is MLM History with the Government?
Should a MLM Company Launch Internationally Immediately?
Is the MLM Industry “For Real” in the Business World?
What is the Role of Experienced MLM Legal Counsel?
Is a MLM Lawyer a Typical Lawyer?
What is the Relationship between MLM and the FDA?
What is the Relationship between MLM and the FTC?
What is the Direction of State Regulation of MLM?
What are the Central Tax Issues for MLM?
Is it Proper to Pay Commissions on Sales Tools and Training?
Do Different Compensation Plans and Products Receive Different Legal Regulation?
How Does a Business Lawyer Become a MLM Lawyer?

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