Happy Holidays from MLMLegal.com!

Happy Holidays from MLMLegal.com and Babener & Associates Law Office! Keep yourself up-to-date on the network marketing industry through the busy holiday season. Watch our network marketing videos and stay inspired to launch your MLM company or grow your existing business! Request a FREE copy of the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company manual! Stay current on multilevel marketing law in your state. Take a look at what real MLM trial looks like. Spend your Black Friday learning about hundreds of successful network marketing companies. Catch up on our educational blog posts at mlmlegal.com and mlmattorney.com. Or simply relax, sit back, and get lost at MLMLegal.com. Have a great holiday season!

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Can you start a network marketing company on a low budget?

No one starts at the top and it is the rare company that starts with millions of dollars. It is not unusual to see network marketing startup companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars; this just may not be possible for many with a dream. The fact is that many of today’s successful companies started at kitchen tables, in basements and garages, or even mixing their products in bathtubs. A look at Pampered Chef, Silpada, Longaberger, and even Amway will reveal very humble beginnings. It may take longer and perhaps the chances of success without proper capitalization are much lower, but it can be done. Small startups may emulate from company profiles found at www.mlmlegal.com; they may do their initial books and commissions with Quicken and they may do their printing at local fast print shops. Just hang in there. Financing is “good,” but passion and hard work can also compensate. As Neil Diamond said, “Money talks, but it can’t dance and it can’t walk.”

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How do you meet other CEOs who have stood exactly where you are standing now?

Starting a network marketing company is difficult unless you are able to rub shoulders with MLM industry experts. How do you meet other CEOs who have stood exactly where you are standing now? Who do you turn to in order to learn about marketing, advertising, recruiting consultants, purchasing software, hiring executives, navigating legal hurtles, raising capital, building a compensation plan, and to get other important industry referrals and support?

The first place we recommend you begin networking is at The Original Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference. It is held three times per year in February, May and October in Las Vegas. Not only are there plenty of direct selling executives there that are either starting or running a MLM company, but there are also seasoned network marketing industry experts in every MLM sector. At the MLM Startup Conference you’ll meet MLM experts in the areas of:

– Software

– Legal

– Recruiting

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