Silpada Designs Logo - Trademark of Silpada Designs, Inc.

Silpada Designs Logo - Trademark of Silpada Designs, Inc.

On July 2nd, several media outlets, including Kansas City Business Journal, announced that the original founders of Silpada Designs – Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh – are reacquiring Silpada Designs from Avon Products, Inc.

In July, 2010 Avon agreed to purchase Silpada Designs for $650 million. At the time of the agreement of purchase, Silpad Designs was making $230 million in annual revenue and operated in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Have you ever wondered what happens in a MLM trial? Attorney and Editor presents: An Inside Look into a MLM Trial.

In this presentation, gives you a rare, front row seat into the complexities of a MLM trial.

In more than six hours of video, partitioned in more than a dozen 25 minute segments, watch cross examination and direct examination of expert witnesses led by lead trial counsel, Jeffrey Babener, MLM trial attorney and editor of

Consider this a mini trial course on MLM and regulatory enforcement.

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How much does it cost to start an MLM company?The costs of startup vary widely, depending on the type of product/service being offered and the need for infrastructure. It is obvious that a company which is engaged in its own manufacturing, ownership of warehousing and distribution facilities, etc. will expend much more than a company which is furnished by suppliers of private label products or is involved in a service-type product. With respect to the initial infrastructure costs of a startup MLM, it may be reasonably expected that a company will expend, during the first year, $100,000-$200,000 for four key infrastructure elements:

1)      Legal

2)      Software

3)      Compensation plan design

4)      Creative design for online and offline promotional materials

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What’s the difference between MLM, network marketing, party plan, and direct sales?

Actually, they all fall under the general umbrella of “direct sales.” Historically, direct selling only involved direct person-to-person sales, often door-to-door. In the 1950’s companies such as Amway, Shaklee and Mary Kay introduced to the direct seller the ability to sponsor other sellers, to build a sales organization, and to receive an override commission on the sales in their sales organization at multiple levels. This is the origin of MLM, multilevel marketing and network marketing, which are all the same thing; i.e., direct sales with a multiple-level

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Visit for more information on pyramid schemes and access to books, brochures and videos with all the information you need to know about the direct selling industry.

If you’ve decided that you’re right for network marketing, and that network marketing is right for you then it’s time to go out and find the best MLM company to join. Or, if you’ve already signed up with one, it’s time to make sure it’s worthy of your time and effort.

Choosing the right company is not a matter to take lightly. Due diligence will pay off. Being knowledgeable about the company you represent will help you to determine whether or not you want to join the company. Direct selling can bring you added financial security and many new friendships, but it’s important to be sure that you’re part of a legitimate opportunity.

If you are searching for a direct selling company to join, which you’ll be introducing to your friends and family, your credibility will be on the line. You want to make sure you are representing a company with credibility and with products that stand on their own in the marketplace.

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