The MLM industry doesn’t simply embody cosmetics and plastic containers anymore. Although cosmetics and nutritional products are still leading sellers in the MLM industry, new companies are coming up with new products all the time. Today, the direct selling industry offers nearly every product available to retail consumers, and new products and services are being offered all the time. One of the newest categories of service being offered by direct selling companies include energy products: electricity, natural gas, and green energy services, among others.

MLM companies are beginning to direct their attention towards men. The most famous, perhaps, is Man Cave. Direct selling is such a successful business model that even Donald Trump joined the bandwagon with his own MLM company, The Trump Network.

The Direct Selling Association has over 70 product and service categories offered by direct selling companies, from vacuum cleaners to coffee, from jewelry to insurance, from photography to cutlery. offers over 700 MLM company profiles in categories ranging from wine to emergency preparedness, from loans to greeting cards, to hobby and crafts.

There are a lot of choices with so many products and services being offered by direct selling companies. With so much to choose from, what are your favorite products (or services) to sell in your direct selling business? If you are a MLM customer, what products do you prefer to purchase?

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5 Responses to “What is Your Favorite Direct Selling/MLM Product (or Service)?”

  1. Pat Deasy says:

    Absolutely love Seacret Skincare products and opportunity. The products are enriched with the minerals from the Dead Sea where Cleopatra, Queen Sheba and King Solomon all traveled to reap the healing properties. The company is one of the best I’ve experienced. The CEO is a very humble man who is full of integrity and is building a company based on family and community. All individuals are considered part of this community and his purposes to help lots of people succeed in this profession. Seacret is attracting people interested in working with others in becoming successful!

  2. Vicki orgill says:

    I like Arbonne & kikapaprika. Natural, safe, & the clothing is organic

  3. Youngevity because it promotes and supports your body. THe FDA would allow me to say HEAL or CURE so I don’t. I got rid of my arthritis in 30 days. I am losing weight without trying.

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