The the March issue of The World of Direct Selling‘s newletter, the editors asked, “‘Do you think the direct selling industry has an image problem that needs to be worked on? What makes you think that way?’ was the question we asked some of the experts.” MLM industry expert, Jeff Babener, provided his two cents, as shown below:

Jeffrey Babener, Legal Counsel at Babener and Associates

“Short term answer: Absolutely. However, as noted by famed Univ. of Chicago economist, Milton Friedman, the future is longer than the present. In the current financial markets furor of hedge fund titans bashing direct selling, with the financial press piling on, a slightly dejected industry should take note that in the ‘big picture,’ it actually isn’t doing so bad at winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of consumers and potential recruits. With some blips, long term image trends are good. In the past two decades, just witness direct selling’s extraordinary international expansion, its emergence on the NYSE and as acquisition target by NYSE companies.”

Tell us what you think of the direct selling industry’s image. What lies in the future of MLM? And, don’t forget to visit and for all the latest updates and vasts amounts of information on the direct selling industry.

3 Responses to “The Direct Selling Industry’s Image”

  1. Adam Rossi says:

    I think there will always be positive growth in the MLM world, as long as families want an independent source of income. In general the reputation of the industry has a way of weeding out the less serious.

  2. Dave Zuro says:

    Misconceptions of MLM scare many into thinking they must “sell” something in order to benefit. People want solutions – but don’t know where to find it!

    Thoughts of pyramids and making lots of $$ off the efforts of others gives us a bad rap. However, to those that desire to secure their future, MLM is a good industry to do it in. Education – not presentation is key. That’s why Buffet, Trump and Kiyosaki all firmly believe in the concept of MLM. Find a company that is ethically strong, financially stable with long-term vision and you will be successful.

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