has worked since 2009 to research, write and collect information on MLM, network marketing, direct selling, and party plan companies in order to compose the “MLM Company Profiles” webpage. To date, there are over 700 active MLM company profiles at The editors of MLMLegal (the website hosted by long-time MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener of the Law Office Babener & Associates) are constantly updating the profiles, removing companies that have gone out of business and adding newly-launched network marketing companies. Hundreds of MLM companies have come and gone throughout the years, but many have proven they have the longevity to succeed. Visit frequently to see for yourself.

We’ve taken the time to organize the hundreds of MLM companies alphabetically and by products sold. Each company profile contains a logo, a brief description of the company’s history, its impact on the industry, an overview of its products, a discussion of the opportunity, and a discussion of the sales and distributor base (if that information is available). These profiles offer a quick way to compare compensation plans between companies or to find a company that offers a unique product that is perfect for your taste. Our research has also shown that no product is immune to direct sales (unless the company has no tangible product at all, in which then you should consider reading about illegal pyramid schemes). MLM companies are selling everything from medical marijuana to maternity products.

Be sure to check the company’s website for the most updated information. Although we work tirelessly to keep the MLM company profiles up-to-date, companies are still constantly changing, merging, reorganizing, rewriting their compensation plans, etc. So, enjoy this informative page we put together for your convenience!

Here are some of the newest additions to the MLM Company Profiles webpage:

Celebrating Grace

MonaVie, LLC

Origami Owl, LLC

Morinda Bioactives

Damsel in Defense

NatLA Global

Be sure to read the *Editor’s Note which explains how we do not endorse any of these companies, we simply are providing a service of informing the public about direct selling companies in an unbiased fashion.

Are we missing a company that you think we should profile? Reply to this post and let us know! We are always on the lookout for new MLM companies. And, if you’re the owner of an MLM company you probably have already received a letter from us informing you that we’ve written about your company. If not, connect with us on LinkedIn or Facebook and we’d be happy to send you a copy of the introductory letter electronically.

And don’t forget to visit the rest of and for limitless information about the direct selling, network marketing, MLM, and party plan industries.

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