Just as explorer Ponce de Leon searched for the elusive Fountain of Youth, network marketing companies and distributors search for the magic factor that ensures success in recruiting and sales. Is it the compensation plan? The payout? The capitalization? Celebrity endorsement? The sizzle product? Flashy marketing materials online and offline? Famous owners?

Well, as it turns out, in study after study, all of the above factors can be very important. Companies that demonstrate these assets may very well have short-term success and occasionally long-term success. However, industry experts and observers have long since concluded that the essential ingredients – the magic formula for success – are passion and bonding. Without these essential ingredients, a direct selling opportunity can be good, but not great.

Passion and Bonding: The Absolute Essentials

Network Marketing companies depend on “volunteer armies” to succeed. Distributors are not employees and they cannot be “told what to do.” Rather, if they perform, it is because they are inspired to perform. This is a people business and the question is often asked “What is the driving force of success for MLM companies?” Because it’s a people business, you need to get people bonded. You need to find people that have a passion about what you are doing and if you are in health that tends to be easy. If you are in energy sales, then really they have to be about helping neighbors save on their electricity, but it is best when you have distributors and consumers that are bonded to your product and bonded to your vision of what you are doing. If you look at the successes of companies like Avon, who organizes marches for breast cancer research, or you look at Mary Kay who is all about the empowerment of women, or you look at Shaklee or Nikken or Usana, who really are almost health movements, you will see long term success because you have passion:  passion within the company and passion by the distributors and long-term consumers because they really bond with the products and the vision offered by the company. Passion and bonding are the magic ingredients that inspire volunteer armies of distributors. Make this happen and companies and distributors have an opportunity not just for “good,” but for “greatness.”

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