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We’ve added six more videos to expert MLM Attorney’s Jeff Babener’s Youtube Channel! These videos are educational and answer common MLM questions clearly and concisely. Attorney Jeff Babener discusses issues that relate to MLM compliance, pyramid schemes, earnings claims and calculators, factors for success, direct selling industry history, and why MLM executives choose the network marketing business model.

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The video titles and descriptions include:

The Difference Between MLM Earnings Calculators and Earnings Claims: MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener discusses the difference between MLM earnings calculators and earnings claims.

From a Legal Perspective: The Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and Legitimate MLM: MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener discusses how to tell the difference between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate MLM company.

Compliance Guidelines for Direct Selling Companies and Network Marketers: MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener discusses compliance issues for MLM company owners and direct sellers.

Factors that Make an MLM Company Successful: MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener discusses what factors contribute to a successful direct selling company.

A View of the Direct Selling Industry: Past, Present and Future: MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener discusses the history of the direct selling industry, its present state of affairs and
what to look forward to in the future.

Why Choose the MLM Model for Your Business? – A CEO Interview: MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener chats with a successful direct sales company CEO to understand why some people
choose MLM as their business model.

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