Network marketing – widely acknowledged as one of the fastest growing sectors in the business economy – is here to stay, and here to grow.

With two active national trade associations, worldwide sales in excess of $100 billion annually, by more than 50 million distributors, and government recognition, network marketing has become a solid, “mainstream” industry.

The Corporate Connection

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– Network marketing has been recognized as an important industry by the IRS.

– In 1982, the IRS specifically recognized the independent contractor status of direct sellers.

– The IRS specifically addresses the issues of network marketers in Small Business Tax Guide located at MLM Legal.

– One in ten thousand households in the United States has a direct seller.

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Seven reasons why network marketing offers a unique business opportunity:

1. It is low cost to start a business with minimal initial investment and overhead costs. Some companies charge as little as $20-$30 dollars to get started.

2. You can work part-time or full-time to make supplemental income or limitless earnings. The more you work, the more you’ll make. The amount of your income is completely up to you.

3. There is high income potential without years of experience or an expensive college degree. Direct selling companies don’t usually require experience of any kind. Therefore, there is no college degree or lengthy resume necessary.

4. You can have independence while still benefiting from a full network of support. Distributors can benefit from the support they receive from their sponsor and the company’s training programs.

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What to look for:

1. A valid product or service that you believe in.

2. Company management with proven experience in network marketing

3. A compensation plan that provides a retail profit to the distributor and pays bonuses for developing a downline organization.

4. Top quality promotional and support materials.

5. Ongoing field training and support available throughout the country.

6. A sponsor that is willing to work with you and help you in your efforts.

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