Your future depends on you and what you do for yourself. How can you make some important financial changes? How can you financially get ahead in life? Let’s start by evaluating the three time-tested ways people earn money:

1. Trade time and talents for pay: While this is available to all of us, it is a proven fact that you will never really get ahead working for someone else. At least it’s extremely unlikely. Most employers pay their employees no more than 25% of what they bill. Statistically speaking, as long as you work for someone else, you’ll never make more than 25% of your worth!

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Here are the top 5 reasons people stay with a direct selling company:

1. They have a favorable response to the products

2. They like the leadership of the company

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Contrary to popular belief, money is not the number one motivator in network marketing, according to studies by the DSA.

Top 5 reasons for joining a network marketing opportunity:

1. I like and believe in the product – 90%
2. I like being my own boss – 73%
3. I like working at home – 64%
4. The harder I work, the more I make – 54%
5. I enjoy selling – 49%

Looking for a Direct Selling, Network Marketing, MLM, Party Plan Company? Here are some great options:

MLMLegal has a list of nearly 700 companies arranged alphabetically and by product. This list also includes brief descriptions of the company’s compensation plan, founding story, products, sales force, and more. The list is derived from public, company sources.

Direct Selling Association (DSA) offers a list of around 200 companies that have agreed to comply with the organizations code of ethics.

Direct Selling Women’s Association (DSWA) also offers a list of companies that have agreed to abide by their code of ethics.

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The Direct Selling Association (DSA) has offered some tips for distributors looking to start their own direct selling business. Some of which include:

– On Your Own or With Support?

– What Kind of Business?

– Do your Research!

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Watch the new invitation video here: The MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas (or here if you’d prefer not to download) and then head to to find out more information and check out the industry-leading speakers. The MLM Startup Conference, presented by Jeffrey Babener and held three times a year, has been in existence for over twenty years. Experience counts.

Distributors can save money on taxes by hiring their children and spouses. By hiring your children you can deduct their salary as a business expense and, because the child is employed by his or her parent, you’re not responsible for withholding social security and federal unemployment tax on the child’s wages.

Here are some limitations to this arrangment:

1. The salary must be reasonable to the child’s age and work performed. For example, you wouldn’t pay your seven year old $30 an hour.

2. The work performed must be necessary and required service to your business operations. No lawn mowing or dish washing.

3. The child must actually perform the work.

4. Document the hours and tasks your child performs in case you are even audited.

5. An actual payment must be made to the child, preferably from your business account. Be sure to check specifics with your tax adviser.

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