Value Is The "In" Thing

By Jeffrey Babener, © 2013
Looking for a way to add to the family income each month?  Perhaps make a few hundred dollars or more toward
the mortgage, education for the kids, or even next year's vacation?  A part-time job is one possibility.  But if you are
game and willing to risk your time and effort to build your own small business, without a big investment, think about
network marketing.  Hundreds of network marketing companies, with a wide array of consumer products and
services, offer you a business opportunity to sell their products and services to your neighbors, co workers, etc.,
with a typical cost to participate of a low cost dealer kit, usually under $100.  That's a real value.  How many others
businesses can a person start for that kind of money?

You make your money on the differential between what you pay at wholesale for products and the price at which
you sell them to consumers.  However, there is a bonus opportunity here, as well.  Network marketing companies
encourage you to help find other distributors, and when you do, you are rewarded with a small percentage of the
sales of those distributors, and a small percentage of the sales of the distributors they recruit, and so on to several
levels of distributors who are part of your "sales organization."

But now that you have located "value" in searching for your part-time business opportunity, look for a company that
stresses the quality of the "value" that it offers customers and distributors.  Why?  Because the success of any
network marketing company is totally dependent upon how well it achieves "bonding" with its customers and
distributors.  This means repeat customers and distributors who stick with the business.  And, in today's world,
network marketing companies are not just competing with other sellers of the same product, they are competing
with other methods of delivery, i.e., catalog sales, discount stores, infomercials, telemarketers.

And they can win in the marketplace only if they deliver "value" and only if customers perceive a higher "value"  
than offered by more conventional sellers.  So, when you're looking for that special opportunity, look for a network
marketing company that has an edge on "value."  Look for one with some or all of the following features:

(1)        a unique product that stands out when you show it to your friends, i.e., cans of Campbell's soup or
boxes of cake mix are not unique;
(2)        make sure the product is proprietary to the company.  Ever notice that you can't buy Avon cosmetics
in stores nor Shaklee vitamins at pharmacies.  These products are only available from distributors;
(3)        the products should be economically competitive with similar products, i.e., fairly priced;
(4)        if possible, customer satisfaction guarantees should be offered;
(5)        a product that you can demonstrate is great and commonplace for network marketing companies;
(6)        post sales service or customer assistance is helpful;
(7)        and, of course, you are part of what makes network marketing a higher perceived value, i.e., free
delivery and personalized assistance.

All of this will make you part of the decade of "value."   The evidence is in that we are probably coming out of the
era of the yuppie.  The 1980's and 1990’s were referred to as the "me" decades.  As such, emphasis was on
"designer everything."  People were willing to pay through the nose for any product with snob appeal.  Billions of
advertising dollars went into creating the perception of class for products.  Premium dollars were paid for designer
jeans, BMW's, and upscale hamburgers.

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