Planning a Great Meeting

By Jeffrey Babener, © 2013
Planning a network marketing opportunity meeting? asked veteran meeting planner,
Greg White of San Diego based Hamilton LaRonde Associates for some solid tips.

Get the word out.

Plan the meeting at least a month in advance, if at all possible. Let your upline and downline distributors know the
time and place of the meeting.  Make phone calls to prospective recruits early so they can plan their schedules.
The best time for meetings is after 7:00 p.m. on a weeknight or on a Saturday. If you intend to place ads in the local
paper, make sure they run at least a week in advance. Also, let the company know about it ahead of time and they
may publicize it or send company representatives to participate.  Pick a convenient place.  Most national hotel
chains have excellent meeting room space. Remember to book ahead for best rates. Parking is essential, and if it’s
free, so much the better. If people will be coming in from out of town, an airport hotel is always great. There are
plenty of hotels near every major airport. They have shuttles for those arriving by air, and they are staffed to
handle late arrivals and early departures, and often have extended restaurant hours.

Keep it short, stupid.  

Yes, the KISS principle is applicable to business opportunity meetings.    Remember, these people are doing you a
favor by attending. They have groceries to buy, errands to run, little League games to watch. Keep the meeting
under two hours and show that you respect their time. Keep it lively. Get to the point.

All the Important Details

Details, details, details! One mark of a great meeting is that things go so smoothly that nobody knows you’ve gone
to the trouble of looking after the details. But as they say, it’s the little things that make the difference.  Meeting
planner Greg White has these suggestions regarding the small but crucial details:


The goal is to avoid a meeting with lots of empty chairs. Assuming a meeting for 150 people, set up the room with
100 chairs theater style (placed in the front 70 percent of the room). As a back-up, have 50 chairs stacked in an
adjacent service area.  Also, leave some area at the back of the room.  


Place one 8-foot, narrow table on the front wall with a pitcher of water. This table can be used for display items,
speaker notes, materials, etc. Place two 8-foot, standard-width tables on the rear wall, end-to-end, or on one side
for displays. Ask the hotel to have all the tables skirted.  

Registration Area

Place one 8-foot table in the registration area outside the meeting room.  This too should be skirted. The following
items should be placed on this table:  

1, 2
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