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The Network Marketer's Guide to Success - $24.95

Chapters Include:

The Big Picture
Network Marketing and the Law
Your Ideal Business
Setting Up a Home Based Office
Organizing for Success
How to Be a Success
The Product
Prospecting: The Nitty Gritty Tools and Techniques
Effective Presentations as Tools
Sponsoring Your Prospect
Follow Through
What's the Best Structure for Your Business?
Involving Your Family in Your Business
"Ask Not What the Government Can Do for You..."
Network Marketing: What you should know
Network Marketer's Guide to Success
Network Marketing: What you should know
Network Marketing: What you should know - $24.95

Some Chapter Topics Include:

Why Millions are Getting Involved
Women and Network Marketing
How to Analyze Compensation Plans
Planning a Great Meeting
History of Network Marketing
How to Overcome Ten Common Distributor Mistakes
Successful Three Way Calls-Conference Calls
Co-op Advertising
Making the Best of Mail Lists
Taxes and the Networker
Incorporate Your MLM Business
Bonding the Recruit
Closing the Sale
Time Management
The FDA and Health Claims
The Legal Environment
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Tax Guide for MLM/Direct Selling Distributors
The Tax Guide for MLM/Direct Selling Distributors - $24.95

Some Chapter Topics Include:

An Overview of an Exciting Industry
A Brief History of Network Marketing
IRS and MLM/Direct Selling Distributors
Good Tax News on Home Office Deductions
IRS and The Networker
The IRS Speaks
Ten Common Distributor Mistakes and How to Overcome Them
Networking Through Nonprofit
Incorporating the Network Marketer
Investigating a Network Marketing Opportunity
Window of Opportunity
Network Marketing: Window of Opportunity (Pamplet/Book) - $4.95

Some Chapter Topics Include:

The Big Picture
A New Way of Working
The Small Picture
The Network Marketing Phenomenon
The Business of Network Marketing
Network Marketing Companies
The Future of Network Marketing
The New Marketing
Why Network Marketing?
What is Network Marketing?
Every Marketer’s Goal
Enthusiasm: Word of Mouth Marketing
DVD (Click the pictures for a larger image - larger images may take a moment to load.)
"Direct Selling, Network Marketing, MLM" DVD
- $4.95 (Call for bulk pricing)

Video Segments Include:

Introduction and Basics
Successful Companies
Legal MLM
Success Stories
History and Technology
Not Pyramid Schemes
Debunking Myths
Internet and the Future
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Network Marketing: One Plus One Equals Four brochure - 25 Brochures = $18.00
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"We are not talking about new math - we are talking about a powerful, proven tool to help
you achieve financial independence.

Through this brochure, we will help clear up the mystique and confusion of Network
Marketing and show you just how one plus one really does equal four."

This brochure has a companion tape, The Network Marketing Audio Tape, for $1.75/each.
One Plus One Equals Four
Network Marketing: What you should know
Network Marketing What you should know back
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Network Marketing: What you should know brochure - 25 Brochures
= $18.00
(Call for additional bulk pricing)

"An 'entrepreneurial revolution' is sweeping America, generating new and
unique opportunities in every area of our lives.

Innovative alternatives to traditional business are rapidly changing the way
we buy, sell, and earn our livings... The entrepreneurial revolution is
changing the face of American commerce. And within this revolution, a
sweeping movement has come to the forefront - a movement that has
captured the interest and spending dollars of entrepreneurs and consumers
throughout the world:
network marketing."

This brochure is available in either Spanish or English.
Tax Time Brochure
Tax Time Brochure Back
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Tax Time: Networkers and the IRS brochure - 25 Brochures = $20.50
(Call for additional bulk pricing)

"For those who take their network marketing business seriously, there are
serious tax advantages to being involved in this home-based business.  
These important advantages, however, are so embedded in IRS codes,
regulations and interpretations, that one could easily employ a small army of
tax lawyers and accountants to unearth them. It is better, however, to have a
broad view of this subject area and learn to spot some of the issues. Here
are examples of some significant tax points for network marketers to take up
with their personal CPA or tax advisor."
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Free MLM Startup Manual (Click the pictures for a larger image - larger images may
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The "How To" Manual: Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company - FREE
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Some Chapters Topics Include:

Legal Issues
MLM Law in 50 States
FDA Health Claims: The Final Rules
The Snail that got Mugged: FTC v. Direct Selling
Start-up  Issues
Incorporating the Network Marketer
Five Dynamics that Drive An MLM Company
Creating Your Next Million Dollar Product
Treasure Hunting for New Products
Compensation Plans
Comp. Plan Conversion: Direct Sales to MLM
Your Compensation Plan's Competitive Edge
Communications and Media
Focus on the Mission...Not the Commission!
When the Media Calls... Who Answers the Phone?
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