MLM News Headlines - October 2011
Scentsy's Profits Continue to Rise Sharply - Scentsy grew from a tiny endeavor in a Utah home basement to a
worldwide, multi-million-dollar company, quickly capturing the attention of consumers and the business world alike

Painting the Town Pink to Raise Millions - The ninth annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, which took place this
weekend in New York, was big business (10/18/11)

From Tupperware to Toys - In the 1950s, the Tupperware company created its now-famous “party plan” to sell its
wares (10/17/11)

5 Rules of Marketing to Women - There's a shortlist of mistakes companies and brands typically make when
trying to sell products to women (10/28/11)

Taking the 'Avon' Way to Reach 'The Last Mile' - There has been a lot of talk lately about tackling the "last mile"
of health care delivery in the developing world (10/31/11)

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