MLM News Headlines - June 2011
Xyngular, a new health and wellness company, reports record sales of $1.5 million for May 2011 (6/7/11)

Mannatech enters into four European countries; Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, and the Republic of
Ireland (6/14/11)

Neways creates the Institute of Healthy Lifestyle to reaffirm its commitment to delivering science-based
products for a healthy lifestyles (6/20/11)

Is It A Bank Or Is It Mary Kay? (6/20/11)

JR and Loren Ridlinger of Market America made a fortune, won celebrity friends, and built an MLM empire

Many pensioners are supplementing their income with a part time job in direct selling (6/30/11)

Money parties are a twist on Tupperware (6/11/11)

Youngevity Essential Life Sciences acquires the distributor base and product line of Bellamora (6/27/11)

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