MLM News Headlines - February 2012
New Amway Boss Seeks to Return Sales Growth to Double Digits - The new managing director of Amway
Thailand, the country's leading direct-sales operator, yesterday outlined aggressive plans to boost growth this year
into double digits against the total market growth of 7-8 per cent. (02/03/12)

Romney Receives Big Donations from Idaho - As presidential hopeful Mitt Romney rises in the polls he's
finding a lot of friends in Idaho with deep pocket books. (02/01/12)

Thirty-One Gifts Announces Layoffs - A central Ohio company growing so fast it expanded to Easton Town
Center 16 months ago announced Thursday the layoffs of 182 employees, including 92 in Johnstown. (2/02/12)

India to be the Largest Market for Herbalife - In the next four years, India will emerge as the largest market for
US-based Herbalife, the $ 2.7-billion global nutrition and direct-selling company, according to its managing director
(Asia-Pacific) William M Rahn. (2/08/12)

Feds Present Avon Bribery Evidence to Grand Jury - An investigation by federal prosecutors into possible
bribery by Avon Products (AVP) has moved to a new stage. The prosecutors, who are examining a 2005 internal
report at the company that indicated it may have broken anti-bribery laws, recently presented... (2/13/12)

Inside the Amway Sales Machine - Holly Chen is a former first-grade teacher, just over 5 feet tall, with a taste for
sequins. You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but this 68-year-old grandmother is one of the most prolific
salespeople on Earth. (2/15/12)

Pyramid Scams Under FTC Probe - A 20-year-old university student in Seoul received a phone call from an old
high school friend last summer, offering him an opportunity for easy work with big paychecks. (2/21/12)

Amway Founding Families Endorse Romney - The DeVos and Van Andel families, two of the most powerful and
wealthy lineages in Michigan Republican circles, have endorsed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Politico
reports. (2/28/12)

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