MLM News Headlines - December 2011
Mary Kay Speeds Up Expansion in China - U.S-based cosmetics giant Mary Kay hopes the sales in China will
exceed those in the U.S. market in 2013, marking China its largest global market, said a top executive at Mary Kay
Greater China (12/27/11)

Are Cosmetics Recession-Proof? Mary Kay Thrives in Bad Economic Times - Thousands of women were
recognized for expanding their businesses at the Mary Kay Cosmetics Career Conference's awards nights in Dallas
this past summer because, contrary to almost everything else in the current economic downturn, lipstick sells in
tough times.. (12/14/11)

Direct Selling Defies Recession - Unemployment is at its highest level for fifteen years and no-one is expecting
much good news when the latest figures come out on Wednesday. (12/12/11)

Avon's Investments Fall Short - Avon Products Inc.'s struggles around the world have tended to obscure a
nagging problem: the door-to-door beauty retailer is nearly always short on spare cash. (12/8/11)

Letter Bombs? - Unpretty Picture of Avon - A ranking of CEO letters to shareholders puts the direct-selling
company in its bottom candor quartile. Among the cited woes are obfuscation and confusion. (12/3/11)

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