MLM News Headlines - August 2012
Investors in Lexington Ponzi scheme confused, upset - The Securities and Exchange Commission has shut
down what they call a $600 million dollar online pyramid operation and Ponzi scheme allegedly headed by a
Lexington businessman. (8/17/12)

SEC Shuts Down ZeekRewards as Scam - The Securities and Exchange Commission said it has shut down, a $600 million online Ponzi and pyramid scheme that was on the verge of collapse and had
raised money from more than one million customers. (8/17/12)

U.S. SEC says shuts $600 million Ponzi scheme - The U.S. Securities and Exchange
Commission said it shut down a $600 million online Ponzi scheme on the verge of collapse and won a court ordered
emergency asset freeze to protect some of the more than 1 million investors it had attracted. (8/18/12)

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