MLM News Headlines - August 2011
Indian Direct Selling Association seeks regulatory framework for the direct selling industry (8/1/11)

My Gold Party's founder is watching one of the world's most volatile exchanges rise and fall daily (8/5/11)

Designer Jeans Excite At-Home Party Market (8/8/11)

New direct selling company "Mancave" is gaining national attention (8/7/11)

House parties are pushing products (8/6/11)

College students earn money selling educational books (8/4/11)

Robert Oblon, co-founder and former president of WorldVentures, launched a travel network marketing
company: Travopoly (8/11/11)

XANGO LLC promoted Leslie A. Gallacher to vice president of North America operations, where she will direct
efforts in XANGO’s largest market (8/11/11)

My Social Income, Inc. Secures Top Mobile Marketing Executive for MSI International Sales Rollout (8/9/11)

Gold parties are gaining popularity in direct selling (8/5/11)

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