MLM Startup - The Basics Continued
At a minimum, you would be totally premature to jump into the marketplace without a legal review by MLM legal
counsel of the most basic of sales kit contents, whether they be in hard copy, CD-ROM or on the internet. Those
basics include: representative agreement; policies and procedures; product brochures; marketing plan
presentation; and various forms ranging from retail receipts to autoship to multiple owner applications, etc.
Responding after the fact to regulatory agencies over deficient materials or answering distributor complaints for
slipshod documentation is too little, too late…and too bad for the startup MLM business.

Your Trademark-Your Life!

Picture living your life without a name. To some extent, you define yourself and your existence by your name.
Obviously, you had no choice in choosing your name, but nevertheless, in the trademark sense, it is your branding
for life. When others think of you, they think of your name, and vice-versa. Your choice of name for your MLM is
equally important. Not only will you brand your business and product forever, but what may be worthless today will
be your most valuable asset in years to come. Just ask Coca-Cola, Marlboro, Microsoft, Avon or Mary Kay. And so,
this choice deserves special emphasis in the beginning. A trademark search by your MLM Lawyer is a must. To be
told three years down the way that you must give up your name because you did not bother to conduct a trademark
search would be a devastating blow to your business. Also, it is essential that the name that you choose will suit the
expanding product or service offerings that will be coming down the pike. So, what’s in a name?…everything!
This Advice from Experience

You won’t find these rules in a textbook. You will not find them in a college course. You will not find them at Staples
or Office Depot. You most definitely will not find them by consulting with corporate business lawyers or general
business advisors. These very important factors are forged in the furnace of experience. These are practical rules
that arise from two decades of practical hands on involvement. These rules come from the school of "been there,
done that." If you pay attention, is success guaranteed? Well, go to rule eleven, which is "success is never a sure
thing, but opportunity is always guaranteed."

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